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Parents In The School Day 

Please join us on October 25, 2018 for Parents In The School Day At North Clayton High School.

Our goal is to empower parents through many opportunities. Parents are welcome to visit our school and classrooms daily (except during testing). Your presence establishes relationships, accountability and a major artery for success. Join us on October 25, 2018 (9:00AM-11:00AM) for a tour.


This month’s “Teacher’s Voice” is shared by our very own “Teacher of the Year” - Mrs. Attania Jean-Funny

If someone was to ask you, who’s your favorite child? That question would be impossible to answer if you had more than one child. We as parents know that each child is unique and takes a special set of skills to give them what they need. The same can be said for parent engagement. Your level of parent engagement will depend on the needs of your child.

Allow me to share a personal story. At the beginning of my son’s second grade year, he received a score of zero on a test. I was never contacted by his teacher. It was just one grade. I noticed it on infinite campus. I wondered, how could he have missed a test? He was present to school every day. After reaching out to his teacher, we realized that he had a reading and comprehension deficiency. He had gotten every question wrong. The school took action by giving him small group reading and we enrolled him into a private secondary program. The program gave us additional reading material that required that we work with him every day at home. My husband and I sat with our son every day. It wasn’t an easy process. He cried and had the ultimate pout sessions. We worked with him intensely for his whole second grade year. I’m happy to report that he is doing amazingly well now in the fourth grade. He is reading at and sometimes above grade level. Our level of engagement is still very high and we continue to be involved with his teachers mainly through infinite campus and emails.

Don’t feel bad if you can’t be at the school for every event. Do your best and come when you can. The doors will always be open for you. Your number one priority should focus on your engagement with your child. Here are a few items of focus:

* Review infinite campus weekly. If there is an item of concern, ask your child first and reach out to the teacher if you have more questions.

* Set high behavioral expectations. Continue to talk to your child about their level of engagement in class and the consequences if it is not met.

* Manage your child’s time after school. Your high school scholar should be spending time after school; studying, refreshing their notes and completing homework. If they tell you that they never have homework, ask to see their binder and quiz them on any information in it.

* Set your own reward system when it is deserved. They should have to work for it. The holidays are coming soon, but gifts are a privilege not a right.

* Attend what you can. We would love to see you at our academic and sporting events, as well as, PTA and Title 1 meetings. If you can’t make it into the building, please keep the lines of communication open. Make sure your contact phone number and email address are accurate. Feel free to email or call us with any questions and/or concerns. You can also make your voice heard by completing surveys sent by our district office.

We must make sure that we are preparing individuals that are ready for a great future by working together. Remember, parent engagement is about you providing what your child needs to be successful academically, emotionally and physically.


“We are Collaboratively Preparing Our Students for Their Post-Secondary Options. We do so by Empowering and Engaging Students, Parents, Teachers and the Greater School Community…”


What’s New?


Three initiative have defined our 2018-19 initiatives. New technology, student advisement centers and small learning communities can be observed all over our school. 

Ninth grade students all have one-to-one chrome books that are a part of their academic portfolios. We are the sole high school with this program. They keep them 24 hours a day (7-days a week). This program will roll-up to add additional grade levels over the next two years. The students are totally connected to the classrooms, teacher assignments and other programs that support their learning. In addition to this technology, each of our classrooms have been equipped with BoxLight© flat screen devices for virtual and live connections to their learning. We have the latest in technology in our school! 

Our school is defined by small learning communities that are designed to meet the specific needs of students across grade levels. This model supports giving students just what they need by grade-level. 

One of the off-springs of the small learning communities (SLC) is the development of advisement centers. Our counselors are located in the zones with their SLC. This creates access, programs and provisions for students as defined through data and other identifying characteristics. College recruiters, military recruiters, work-force agencies and community organizations are able to access these centers to support our students in small groups.

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